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Thomas Hazlett presents, "The Political Spectrum" at CES Consumer Technology Association Conference

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Thomas Hazlett will be interviewed at the CES Consumer Technology Association Conference in Las Vegas Jan. 10, 2018, 3:30 to 4:00 pm PT. Use this link for live streaming of this and all the book events at CES: Watch Live Stream

The Effect of Regulation on Broadband: Explaining the Results in Hazlett & Wright in the Review of Industrial Organization

by Wallis G. Romzek and Scott Wallsten Technology Policy Institute Blog * July 18, 2017Technology Policy Institute

The Political Spectrum, book review: How wireless deregulation gave us the iPhone

Thomas Winslow Hazlett offers an accessible history of wireless technology, describing how regulators often stifled innovative competition under pressure from incumbent interests, and how deregulation eventually gave us FM radio, HBO, wi-fi, and the iPhone.
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