Financial Times: Fred Kahn’s First-Class Flight, Thomas Hazlett

This week’s passing of economist Alfred Kahn, 93, has brought tributes for the Cornell professor’s key role in the 1970s deregulation of US airline fares. That achievement saves Americans a stunning $20bn annually. Yet Kahn’s contributions to electricity regulation and telecommunications policy may even exceed this high-flying success. Thanks to a superb, Pulitzer Prize-winning history of Kahn’s career, Thomas McCraw’s 1984 “Prophets of Regulation,” as well as Kahn’s own two-volume magnum opus, “The Economics of Regulation” (2nd Ed., 1988), and his papers and speeches on a variety of regulatory topics, we have a rich, full-bodied view of the colourful life of a remarkable man. Full article available at  Also available by [PDF Download] on Prof. Hazlett’s faculty profile.

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