Financial Times: On a Clearwire, You Can See Everything, Thomas Hazlett

In May, mobile carrier Sprint entered a venture with wireless broadband start-up Clearwire and a corporate cadre that includes Google and cable operators Comcast, Time Warner and Bright House. They joined previous investors Intel, Motorola, Bell Canada, cellular billionaire Craig McCaw and share buyers in Clearwire’s 2007 initial public offering to give the company, with just 500,000 subscribers, a market value of $14bn – dwarfing the rest of Sprint, which has 47m subscribers. To most, it is a yawn. Not even techies took much notice. Sprint and Clearwire, having bandwidth in the 2.5 GHz band (not far from PCS frequencies), formed a national network powered by a consortium of service, equipment and application suppliers. Ho hum. Business as usual.  Full article available at,s01=1.html.  Also available by [PDF Download] on Prof. Hazlett’s faculty profile.

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