Financial Times: Bandwidth Wars, Thomas Hazlett

The vaunted digital television transition is under way. It offers to upgrade broadcast television picture quality. But high definition is mostly window-dressing. Indeed, television advertisers will not pay broadcasters much more for HD audiences, either because viewers watch on sets too small to notice it or because big-screen users subscribe to cable or satellite services for their HD fix. The real pay-off? Spectrum efficiency. What an analogue television transmitter can do using a standard television channel (6-8 MHz, depending on country) a digital station can do four, five or six times. Viewer choice increases multi-fold by flipping a technology switch. Digital’s cleaner use of airwaves also accommodates new voice and data applications. Given that vast frequency space was long ago set aside for analogue television, digitisation frees up abundant bandwidth for pretty amazing new stuff. Full article available at  Also available, by [PDF Download] on Prof. Hazlett’s faculty profile.

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