Sometimes it is a Wolf: Piracy, Fairy Tale Business Models & Intellectual Property on the Internet


Tullock Lecture 2011 Presentation. Stan Liebowitz, Ashbel Smith Professor of Economics of the University of Texas at Dallas and Director, Center for the Analysis of Property Rights and Innovation.

Excerpt: The Future of Copyright Industries: • Technology is responsible for copyright: it separated creations from the creators: writing, printing, and so forth; • The Internet is an innovation in distribution; as such it should disrupt markets while improving welfare [Creative Destruction]; • Piracy is a disruptive force separate from innovation. Weakens property rights; • The Internet has led to an explosion of piracy; Piracy was not inherent in the Internet, however; • Music has been the early target.

Professor Liebowitz has published widely in scholarly journals on the economics of knowledge goods, intellectual property, file-sharing, and network effects. This lecture will explore distinctions between piracy, fairy tale business models and intellectual property, with an analysis of current economic empirical methodology. Drawing upon his research on file-sharing, Professor Liebowitz will discuss implications for copyright law.  The Tullock Lecture Big Ideas About Information is proud to host Professor Liebowitz, the Ashbel Smith Professor of Economics of the University of Texas at Dallas. Prof. Liebowitz teaches on the economics of knowledge goods, intellectual property and file-sharing, and network effects.

Powerpoint Slides of Lecture [61 Slides]: StanLiebowitz.gmu_.final_.Slides.pdf

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