The Wireless Tsunami


Tullock Lecture 2011 Presentation Slides. Gerald R. Faulhaber, Senior Fellow, Information Economy Project and Professor Emeritus of Business and Public Policy at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, David J. Farber, Distinguished Career Professor of Computer Science & Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University Former Chief Technologist, F.C.C.

Presentation slides: an evolution of the cell, standard reaction to new technology, what are the facts U.S.?, yikes what’s next, so where’s this going, the economics: cost, the economics: innovation, the economics: market structure, the economics: scarce resources, regulation, how about the rest of the world?, bottom line, the technology: more wireless, the technology: what’s missing, the technology: more to come, the technology: challenges, spectrum, a new social space.

Slides [30 pages]

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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