Emerging Wireless Technologies and Enabling Spectrum Policy, Georgetown CBPP (Apr. 17, 2009)

Wireless Technologies, Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy

Friday, April 17, 2009 The National Press Club, 529 14th Street NW, 13th Floor

For more information visit http://cbpp.georgetown.edu/70326.html

Panel Presentation: Emerging Wireless Technologies and Enabling Spectrum Policy

  • Moderator, Evan Kwerel, FCC
  • Scott Wallsten, Georgetown Center for Business & Public Policy, “Secondary Spectrum Markets” written with John Mayo
  • Bill Lehr, MIT, “Wireless broadband needs to be rethought: the case for hybrid wireless and the role of DSA”
  • Bill Sharkey, FCC, “Employing Market Mechanisms to Manage Radio Spectrum” written with Mark Bykowsky and Mark Olson
  • Tom Hazlett, Professor of Law & Economics, George Mason University [Download Powerpoint Slides]

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