Are ‘Online Markets’ Real and Relevant? From Monster/Hotjobs to Google/DoubleClick

Journal of Competition Law & Economics, 4(3), 655–662 (Sept. 2008). Bruce D. Abramson, President, Informationism, Inc. & Senior Consultant, CRA International.

“As the novelty of the Internet wears off, on-line merger analysis looks increasingly like off-line merger analysis. Most of the things that make interesting on-line mergers interesting have little to do with competition. A Blast from (My) Past: During the summer of 2001, HotJobs retained my services to support its proposed acquisition by One of the first “major” mergers of Internet “pure plays.” Basic points of interest stemmed from shift in understanding of Internet economics between 2000 (documents) and 2001 (facts). See, From Investor Fantasy to Regulatory Nightmare: Bad Network Economics and the Internet’s Inevitable Monopolists 16 Harv. J. L. Tech. 159 (2002).”