Part 1 – Spectrum Policy Reform and the Next Frontier of Property Rights

15 Geo. Mason Law Review 549 (2008).  Philip J. Weiser, Professor of Law and Telecommunications at the University of Colorado, Dale Hatfield is an Adjunct Professor of Telecommunications at the University of Colorado.

“Wireless spectrum is hot property. In early 2008, a number of firms bid almost $20 billion for the right to use 62 megahertz of spectrum in the 700 MHz band (which will be vacated by TV broadcasters after the transition to digital broadcasting). During the debate over the rules for auctioning off this swath of spectrum, policymakers regularly emphasized that this auction represented a unique opportunity for firms to gain access to spectrum. As the Washington Post reported, the spectrum licenses up for auction, “which are ideal for carrying wireless signals, are particularly valuable because they will be the last up for auction for decades.”

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