Washington Post: We Are the Media, and So Are You, Jimmy Wales and Kat Walsh

Opinions, By Jimmy Wales and Kat Walsh, Published: February 9.  Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, and Kat Walsh are members of the Wikimedia Foundation board of trustees.  It’s easy to frame the fight over SOPA and PIPA as Hollywood vs. Silicon Valley — two huge industries clashing over whose voice should dictate the future of Internet policy — but it’s absolutely wrong. The bills are dead, thanks to widespread protest. But the real architects of the bills’ defeat don’t have a catchy label or a recognized lobbying group. They don’t have the glamour or the deep pockets of the studios. Yet they are the largest, most powerful and most important voice in the debate — and, until recently, they’ve been all but invisible to Congress.

Kat Walsh is a friend of the Information Economy Project and graduate of George Mason University School of Law.  Read the full opinion here! http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/we-are-the-media-and-so-are-you/2012/02/09/gIQAfNW81Q_story.html.

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