Thomas Hazlett on American University Radio

On April 16 IEP Director Thomas Hazlett was invited to a discussion on American University Radio’s Kojo Nnamdi Show about the Google Fiber project in Kansas City and broadband competition. Other guests in the segment were Joanne Hovis (Columbia Telecommunications Corporation and National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors), Councilwoman Cindy Circo (Kansas City, Missouri), and journalist Whitney Terrell.

An excerpt of Thomas Hazlett’s comments:

This idea that the rest of the world is blowing the socks off the US in broadband has got a germ of truth and is about 98% fantasy . . . . The Federal Communications Commission says that over 95% of US households are covered by cable broadband systems . . . . [I]n fact wireless broadband is now available to more than 98% of the country and satellite broadband – 12 Mbps at $50 per month – is now available ubiquitously. The fact is, there has been progress in the market.

The entire 30-minute segment, “Fiber Cities” and Broadband Communities, is available here.

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