News Mentions of IEP’s Broadband Conference

There were several journalists and reporters from the telecom trade press in attendance at IEP’s April 19 broadband conference, many drawn by the keynote address from FTC Commissioner Joshua Wright. Erica Teichert from Law360 covered Commissioner Wright’s speech on net neutrality:

“I think the net neutrality order is strikingly poor policy when analyzed from a consumer welfare perspective,” Wright said at a George Mason University conference on competition and monopolies in the U.S. broadband markets….

“Such a blanket rule of per se prohibition would be appropriate only if vertical contracts were overwhelmingly but not necessarily always likely to cause economic harm,” he said.

In addition, Politico’s Morning Tech blog noted the conference, Hal Singer mentioned Commissioner Wright’s speech in Forbes, Broadband for America discussed Commissioner Wright’s net neutrality position, and Patrick Brogan from US Telecom posted about each of the conference speakers.

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