IEP Broadcast Television Conference Covered by News Outlets

IEP held a successful conference on the state of broadcast television called “Daddy, What’s a Broadcast Television Network?” The keynote address was given by Preston Padden, former FOX and ABC executive, and current executive director of the Expanding Opportunities for Broadcasters Coalition. The speech was covered by several media sources, including Multichannel News, TV News Check, and TR Daily (subscription required).

News coverage has focused on Mr. Padden’s push for broadcasters to sell their unused spectrum at auction rather than leasing their spectrum to wireless carriers under a long term annuity agreement. Mr Padden argued that leasing spectrum is risky and highly speculative compared to the lump sum payout that could be received at auction.

The conference also included panel on Retrans, Must-Carry, and Broadcast Video in the Internet Age with Mark Fratrik of BIA Kelsey, Matthew Spitzer of Northwestern University Law School, and Thomas Nachbar of the University of Virginia School of Law. James Grimmelmann of the University of Maryland and Steve Effros of Effros Communications paneled a discussion on Aero TV.

A full video of the conference can be found here.

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