Empirical Evidence on the Effect of Broadband Regulation

Lessons from the Telecom Wars (Mini-Conference September 28, 2006). Thomas W. Hazlett, Director, Information Economy Project and Professor of Law & Economics, George Mason University School of Law.

Net Neutrality: Market Evidence.  Assessing the horribles; Business models developed via unregulated transactions; Unregulated transactions now a threat to those business models; Diagnosis; Are exclusive ISP deals anti-consumer?; Cures; Collateral damage?; Antitrust insufficient?  3 Quick VoIP Calls: VoIP QoS Regulation; mandate power, 5 9s; kill VoIP; E911?;  Digital Phone service; dedicated cable LAN bandwidth; pro-competitive in voice market; Clearwire blocks Vonage; pro-competitive in broadband, voice.

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