Municipal Wi-Fi

Innovation, Technology, and Spectrum Policy, Mini-Conference, Nov. 14, 2006. Dewayne Hendricks, Dandin Group.

Overview, Preamble, Survey of Municipal Wireless, Case Study, Conclusions & Recommendations.  Wi-Fi Arrives, Enables low cost, anywhere, anytime communications, Unlicensed kicks into high gear.  First TAC Meeting, First meeting in 1998 FCC created U-NII Band in Jan. 1997, Early discussions of spectrum sharing, noise floor, spectrum measurement and monitoring, Premise: Reality is always under reported!  TAC Presentation April, 2004 “Real World Issues, Practical Pitfalls and Opportunities”, Wireless networks can be built in a cooperative manner where the whole is greater than the parts, Using spectrum as a commons can work through the use of simple rules, Innovation occurs when driven by needs.

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