Martin Cooper: Personal Communications and Spectrum Policy for the 21st Century

A Lecture by Martin Cooper, CEO, Arraycomm & “Father of the Cellphone”

Big Ideas About Information Lecture Series

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 * 4:00-5:30 pm

The Big Ideas About Information lecture series, featuring world-class thinkers addressing key questions about markets, public policy, and information technology, continued with an address by an individual on the frontier of wireless communications for decades. Martin Cooper conceived and demonstrated the world’s first cell phone in 1973.  Then a Motorola Vice President, Cooper helped engineer the technology that made spectrum re-use via cellular architecture feasible.  He has since continued to lead exciting advances in wireless networks, including the “array antenna” concept deployed to enhance the bandwidth of phone systems around the globe.   He has also contributed as an intellectual leader in the field, authoring classic articles for such journals as Scientific American and IEEE Spectrum.  Since the dawn of the wireless age, Martin Cooper has helped to craft the science and business structures shaping our markets, and is uniquely qualified to explain the role government regulation plays with respect to emerging wireless technologies today.

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Martin Cooper, Personal Communications and Spectrum Policy For the 21st Century, 31 Telecommunications Policy 566-72 (Nov.-Dec. 2007)

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