Video Coverage of The Digital Inventor: How Entrepreneurs Compete on Platforms

8:45 AM  Welcoming Remarks
Daniel Polsby, Dean, George Mason University School of Law
Thomas Hazlett, Prof. of Law & Economics, George Mason University

9:00 AM  Breakfast Keynote
Design, Institutions, and the Evolution of Platforms
Richard Langlois, University of Connecticut

9:30 AM  Platforms, Modularity, and Complementary Goods
Moderator: Joshua Wright, George Mason University School of Law
Andrei Hagiu, Harvard Business School, Multi-Sided Platforms
Salil Mehra, Temple University Beasley School of Law, Platforms, Teamwork and Creativity: Mediating Hierarchs in the New Economy

10:30 AM  Industry Keynote:
Donald Rosenberg, Qualcomm, Inc., Intellectual Property and Platform Development

11:00 AM  Patent Litigation: Software Patents, Licensing, and Mobile OS Platforms
Moderator: Adam Mossoff, George Mason University School of Law
Anne Layne-Farrar, Compass-Lexecon, The Brothers Grimm Book of Business Models: A Survey of Literature and Developments in Patent Acquisition and Litigation
James Bessen, Boston University School of Law, The Private Costs of Patent Litigation

12:00 PM  Luncheon Keynote
David Teece, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, Why “Walled Gardens” Isn’t Inconsistent with Open Innovation: Understanding How Ecosystems “Management” Promotes Progress

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