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Lightsquared, LTE-U and the revenge of the ‘anti-commons’

September 25, 2015
By Scott Wallsten, contributor

Many have feared that unlicensed spectrum would suffer from a “tragedy of the commons,” in which the spectrum becomes congested as more users dive in without regard to their effects on other users. Engineers and others have worked hard to prevent that outcome.

Thomas Hazlett Cited in Amicus Brief filed with the Supreme Court seeking to overturn Red Lion


Minority Television Project, Inc. v. Federal Communications Commission is a case, currently under petition for certiorari to the Supreme Court, that seeks to overturn the current legal standard set in Red Lion Broadcasting Co. v. FCC. In Red Lion, the Supreme Court held that the FCC has broad authority to regulate broadcast television in the “public interest.” Minority Television Project is an independent television station in San Francisco that has found FCC regulations to be too restrictive and is challenging them on First Amendment Grounds.

Thomas Hazlett is included in an amicus brief filed with the Supreme Court on behalf of former FCC officials supporting the argument that the FCC should not have constitutional authority to impose such strict sanctions on broadcast networks. Dr. Hazlett argues that the primary justification for the FCC’s authority, that there exists a scarcity of public airwaves that necessitates more government control, is no longer relevant in a world with numerous and diverse options such as cable, satellite and internet.

The full amicus brief can be read here.

Research by IEP Scholars Being Used in Thailand Spectrum Auction Debate


Research by IEP scholars Thomas Hazlett, Roberto Munoz and Diego Avanzini is now central to the debate over spectrum allocation in Thailand. A dissenting regulator, objecting to delays in the auction of 3G licenses, has used this research to estimate social losses from lack of spectrum availability. Incredibly, she is now being sued for libel by her agency.